Schools and Facilities
To your right are all the Minneapolis Public School facilities we currently have archived. Facilities are categorized by their respective types. 

To see the archived documents and images for a particular facility, simply click on the facility's name.
Elementary Schools
Adams Central Community
Agassiz Southwest Community
Alcott Community
Andersen United Powderhorn Community
Armatage Southwest Community
Arnold Trudeau Community
Audubon Southwest Community
Bancroft Powderhorn Community
Barton Southwest Community
Blaine Central Community
Bottineau Northeast Community
Bremer Camden Community
Bryn Mawr Near North Community
Burroughs Southwest Community
Calhoun Calhoun-Isles Community
Cary Northeast Community
Cavell Northeast Community
Clay University Community
Cleveland Camden Community
Clinton Powderhorn Community
Columbus University Community
Cooper Longfellow Community
Corcoran Powderhorn Community
Douglas Calhoun-Isles Community
Dowling Longfellow Community
Ericsson Nokomis Community
Everett University Community
Field Nokomis Community
Fuller Southwest Community
Fulton Southwest Community
Garfield Powderhorn Community
Grant Near North Community
Greeley Powderhorn Community
Gresham Camden Community
Hale Nokomis Community
Hall Near North Community
Hamilton Camden Community
Harrison Near North Community
Hawthorne Near North Community
Hay Near North Community
Hiawatha Longfellow Community
Holland Northeast Community
Holmes University Community
Howe Longfellow Community
Humboldt Other Community
Irving Powderhorn Community
Jackson Other Community
James Whitcomb Riley Southwest Community
Johnson Longfellow Community
Keewaydin Nokomis Community
Kenny Southwest Community
Kenwood Calhoun-Isles Community
Lake Harriet Southwest Community
Laurel/Lafayette Calhoun-Isles Community
Lincoln Near North Community
Lind Camden Community
Longfellow Longfellow Community
Loring Camden Community
Lowell Near North Community
Lowry Northeast Community
Lyanhurst Hospital and School Central Community
Lyndale Powderhorn Community
Madison Central Community
Mann Powderhorn Community
Marcy University Community
McKinley Camden Community
Minnehaha Nokomis Community
Monroe Longfellow Community
Morris Park Nokomis Community
Motley University Community
Northrop Nokomis Community
Page Nokomis Community
Parkview Montessori Near North Community
Penn Camden Community
Pierce Northeast Community
Pillsbury Northeast Community
Pratt University Community
Prescott Northeast Community
Rosedale Southwest Community
Ross/Sanford Elementary Near North Community
Schiller Northeast Community
Shingle Creek Camden Community
Simmons Longfellow Community
Standish Powderhorn Community
Stowe Longfellow Community
Sumner Near North Community
Tuttle University Community
Van Cleve Northeast Community
Waite Park Northeast Community
Warrington Powderhorn Community
Washington Central Community
Webster Northeast Community
Wenonah Nokomis Community
Whitney Northeast Community
Whittier Powderhorn Community
Willard Near North Community
Windom Southwest Community
District-wide Archive
General District History Community

Brookside Other Community
Emerson Central Community
Seward Longfellow Community
Sheridan Northeast Community

Junior High Schools
Anthony Southwest Community
Bryant Powderhorn Community
Folwell Powderhorn Community
Franklin Near North Community
Jefferson Calhoun-Isles Community
Jordan Near North Community
Nokomis Nokomis Community
Northeast Northeast Community
Olson Camden Community
Phillips Powderhorn Community
Ramsey Southwest Community
Sanford Longfellow Community

Senior High Schools
Central Powderhorn Community
East High University Community
Edison Northeast Community
Henry Camden Community
Logan Near North Community
Marshall University Community
North Near North Community
Roosevelt Powderhorn Community
South Powderhorn Community
Southwest Southwest Community
Vocational Central Community
Washburn Southwest Community
West Calhoun-Isles Community
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