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The purpose of this site is to provide the Minneapolis School District, its staff, students, and guests, with an easily-accessible online document and photograph archive for its facilities. It will provide all viewers with a virtual window into our past and present facilities. 

This online archive will be continually updated when new documents and photographs are recovered -- in an effort to give an accurate record of our historic and current facilities. 

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Extended Historical Summary
Everett School was erected in 1887 and demolished in 1947. It replaced a school of the same name built in 1871 which was destroyed by fire in 1887. Both were on the site of the first wood-frame school built in 1851 on the northwest corner of University and 6th Avenue North East in the town of St. Anthony. Many of our early schools were wood-framed or portable schools until permanent structures were built. This practice of starting with wood-framed main buildings stopped in the 1920's. In the beginning, most schools were named after presidents, statesmen and American authors. In 1883, the first Minneapolis pioneer was honored with a school name, Calvin A. Tuttle. After 1932, names of prominent local persons began to predominate." (Hennepin County Historical Society, 1974) 

In 1860, St Anthony was 6 years older than Minneapolis and had 3,258 people. Minneapolis had 2,564 people at that time. In 1860, there was no electricity, phones, airplanes or paved streets. The first School Board was created in 1860. The two towns merged in 1872 into one town of Minneapolis. We document Everett School as the first Minneapolis Public School. 

Union School, built in 1857, was the first brick structure school in Minneapolis, made near the site of the present city market. It was burned in 1865, but was soon replaced by the Washington School, which remained in use until torn down to make room for the Municipal Building in 1887.

PDF Minneapolis Public Schools Historic Context Study   --  Prepared for the Minneapolis Preservation Commission by Carole Zellie April 2005
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