Minnehaha - 1889-1922
Minnehaha - 1889-1922


Facility Location(s)
Address / Intersection Opened Closed
40th Ave S and 52nd. 1899 1978

Minnehaha, Longfellow, Hiawatha, Miles Standish schools in the vicinity of Minnehaha Falls were all named in honor of of Henry W. Longfellow, the poet who made these names famous for all time.  Birthday, February 27, 1807. 

Original Minnehaha open in 1899  as a portable at E. 42nd St. and Minnehaha Ave. A permanent building was erected in 1890 at E. 51st St. between 38th and 39th Aves. So. and closed in 1928. That building was demolished in 1935.  The second Minnehaha/Nokomis building was erected in 1920 at E. 51st S. Between 35th and 36th Aves. S.  The name Minnehaha was changed to Nokomis in 1929. That building closed in 1978. The last Minnehaha building opened in 1928 at  E. 52nd St between 4oth and 41st Aves S. It closed in 1978 and the site was sold in August 1981.

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