Phase 1: School Year 17-18 Reductions 

Reducing costs now will lessen our need to use fund balance. Cost-cutting measures implemented this school year include:


Two fewer days of school this year


Hiring restrictions for all staff not in schools


Reduction Savings



Phase 2: School Year 18-19 Recommended Reductions

Over the next three years:


Reduction in district cell phones


Bell-time (school start/end times) changes


Reduction in time allotment for school


Targeted class size changes


WMEP withdrawal


Reduction Savings


Phase 2: School Year 18-19 Additional Options to Explore

Over the next three years:


Increase class size target range by 1 student (in addition to previous increase)


Reduction of 6 staff duty days for all school-based and direct-service staff (based on contract)


Retain Title II revenue


Optional Reductions in Deficit for 2018-19


Total Potential Reduction in Deficit for 2018-19

$27.1 M*

* (Still need another $5.9 million to reach $33 million)

Phase 3: Comprehensive Districtwide Assessment for School Year 2019-2010

Community input in spring and fall on results of districtwide assessment of:


  • Programming

  • Transporation

  • Schools

  • Attendance Areas

  • Enrollment


Results to impact 2019-2020 school year